The Best Heat Press for Small Business Is… [Top 8 Rankings]

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Heat presses are popular for everything from weekend crafting to running a multi-million dollar t-shirt business. They’re versatile pieces of equipment that can print on apparel, tote bags, coffee mugs, and more.

But with so many different heat press machines available, finding the best one for your small business can be a daunting task. Luckily, you don’t have to! We already researched and surveyed users of every major brand on the market. We compared every model’s features, price, quality, and customer service reputation.

Based on our findings, the best heat press for small business is…

The Best Heat Press for Small Business: Our Top 8

1) PowerPress Digital Sublimation Heat Press

Best Overall Heat Press

The PowerPress is our top overall choice among heat presses

The PowerPress is an industrial-quality heat press machine featuring a large 15-inch by 15-inch heating plate and a wide temperature range. The machine’s construction is both durable and functional with a removable silicon mat, an adjustable pressure knob, a comfortable anti-slip handle, Teflon coating, and a replaceable fuse. Plus, if there are any quality issues, PowerPress offers a 1-year free replacement guarantee.

The PowerPress is a straightforward heat press that does exactly what is intended to. The evenly distributed heat and pressure allow the machine to print beautiful t-shirts, sweatshirts, mousepads, and other flat items. Based on both online and in-person reviews, PowerPress earned our title of best heat press for small business owners.


  • Large 15-inch by 15-inch platens
  • Temperature range: Up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Sublimation friendly
  • Adjustable pressure
  • LCD control board for time and heat settings

2) TUSY Heat Press Machine 15 x 15

Best Value

Tusy is a popular heat press machine at an affordable price

The Tusy Heat Press Machine is slightly more affordable than the PowerPress, with many of the same benefits. The machine has 15-inch by 15-inch platens, an adjustable pressure knob, and an LCD control panel for setting the precise time and temperature. The 46-pound tabletop machine is also known for its consistent delivery of uniform heating.

The Tusy is a quality heat press machine and owners rave about its longevity and ease of use. Buyers report being able to set up and use the heat press within 5 to 10 minutes of unboxing.


  • Large 15-inch by 15-inch platens
  • Temperature range: Up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Sublimation friendly
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Electronic display for time and heat
  • Anti-overheating feature

3) Cricut EasyPress 2

Best for Small Projects

The EasyPress 2 by Cricut is the best heat press on the market for small jobs

The Cricut EasyPress 2 is Amazon’s #1 best seller in the Heat Press Machines category. As an affordable, “no-stress” heat press, this is hardly a surprise. Cricut is a well-respected brand in the crafting world and the EasyPress 2 lives up to the hype.

The 9-inch by 9-inch heat press is perfect for small projects like t-shirts, baby clothes, and tote bags. The machine heats up in under 2 minutes, prints in under 1 minute, and includes an automatic shut-off feature. The simple controls make it safe, easy to use, and great for one-off projects featuring customization or personalization.


  • 9-inch by 9-inch platens
  • Temperature range: Up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Sublimation friendly
  • Portable, lightweight, and compact
  • Electronic display for time and heat
  • Anti-overheating feature

4) F2C 5 in 1 Pro Heat Press Machine

Most Versatile Heat Press

The F2C heat press can support 5 functions in one machine

With 12-inch by 15-inch platens, the F2C is a large multifunction digital heat press that supports 360-degree swing-away rotation. The F2C features a non-stick surface, which does not require a separate silicon pad, and 5 production elements, including a Teflon-coated t-shirt plate, hat press, mug press, and two different plate presses.

These features allow you to create a wide variety of products via sublimation or heat transfer onto textiles, ceramics, and glasses. At 56 pounds, the F2C is on the heavier side but it certainly packs a punch for those interested in a multifunctional machine.


  • Swing away
  • 5 product attachments
  • 12-inch by 15-inch platens
  • Temperature range: Up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Sublimation friendly
  • Teflon coating
  • Electronic display for time and heat
  • Anti-overheating feature

5) Fancierstudio Digital Heat Press

Best For T-Shirts

Fancierstudio is an efficient machine making it perfect for t-shirt shops with reasonable volume

The Fancierstudio heat press is an industrial-quality machine in the clamshell style. This space-saving heat press is perfect for small businesses looking to apply heat transfers to t-shirts, tote bags, coasters, and more. However, it does not have any options for additional attachments.

The Fancierstudio heat press has 15-inch by 15-inch platens that can accommodate medium to large-size projects, and an LCD control board for setting the time and temperature. The machine weighs only 43 pounds and is made for tabletop use. Owners love the machine’s durability and ease of use.


  • Large 15-inch by 15-inch platens
  • Temperature range: Up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Sublimation friendly
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Electronic display for time and heat

6) Cricut EasyPress Mini

Best Mini Heat Press

This tiny Cricut machine packs a punch for small, odd jobs on uneven surfaces

For those small, unusual projects there is the Cricut EasyPress Mini. This truly tiny heat press weighs in at less than half a pound and measures 3.4 inches by 2.1 inches. The open design was created for heat transfer on tricky and uneven surfaces, like shoes, stuffed animals, and caps.

The heating element supports 3 temperature settings: low (275 degrees Fahrenheit), medium (325 degrees Fahrenheit), and high (380 degrees Fahrenheit). This range allows the heat press to work on fabric, wood, glass, and more. Customers report using the EasyPress mini for projects on earrings, wallets, ribbons, and even in-between buttons.


  • Small, flexible design
  • Portable, lightweight, and easy to use
  • Temperature range: Up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit

7) Vevor Heat Press for Hats

Best for Hats

Heat press onto hats and caps with this machine by Vevor

As the name suggests, this Vevor Heat Press is made with hats in mind. The clamp-style machine has a curved design, a 6-inch by 3.75-inch platen, and weighs less than 27 pounds. The Vevor Heat Press sports a die-casted aluminum plate that can last up to 24x longer than ordinary silicon pads.

The digital LCD includes an automatic timer and precise temperature control. And even though the clamshell design is user-friendly, Vevor offers attentive 24/7 customer support for any questions you may have.


  • Curved, Teflon-coated heating pad
  • Temperature range: Up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Electronic display for time and heat

8) Vevor Mug Press Machine

Best for Mugs

This Vevor machine is perfect for creating sublimated mugs

Vevor is back again, this time with an excellent heat press for 11-ounce to 15-ounce coffee mugs. The small but mighty heat press supports both heat transfer and sublimation printing, and is capable of auto-heating and producing vivid colors. The heating element is lined with Teflon, protected by silicon, and wraps around 270 degrees.

At only 6 pounds, this portable heat press is a great addition for small businesses everywhere. To create a custom design, simply print your image on sublimation paper, insert it into the provided heat press, and let the Vevor work its magic!


  • The heating element wraps 270 degrees around
  • Temperature range: Up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Simple, one-touch printing
  • Portable and lightweight

Types Of Heat Press Machines


Clamshell heat presses feature top and bottom plates that close together like a clam. These machines are affordable, durable, space-efficient, and easy to operate, which is why they are wildly popular. The only consideration for this heat press style is that they sometimes struggle to distribute even pressure. This makes clamshell heat presses perfect for flat items like t-shirts and tote bags, but less suitable for thick materials.

Swing Away

Swing-away heat presses have a top platen that swings to the side, which gives you much more space to place your items. These types of presses are best for larger projects, or when you need to press items that can’t lay completely flat. The trade-off is that a swing-away heat press takes up more space and can be a little less sturdy.

Draw or Drawer

Drawer-style heat presses feature a bottom plate that pulls out like a drawer. This gives you a little more room to place your items and also makes it easier to remove them once they’re pressed. Drawer presses are slightly more expensive than clamshells but offer many of the same benefits.


Sublimation heat presses produce high-quality and long-lasting digital prints because the specialty ink is infused into the material rather than sitting on top. Sublimation machines are a bit more expensive, but they are a popular choice among t-shirt printing business owners. Although they require sublimation ink or paper, they can create visually stunning products.

How To Choose A Heat Press Machine


The size of the platen is important because it determines the maximum size of your finished design. Large rectangular platens of 15 to 20 inches provide the most flexibility and working space for various products. However, if you have a very specific use case, this could be overkill for your budget.

Product Attachments

Some heat presses come with additional attachments that change the function of the press. Other heat press machines support the use of attachments that you can purchase separately. The most common attachment is a curved element, which can be used for printing on mugs, hats, and other cylindrical objects. If you plan on expanding your printing operation to include these items, make sure that the press you choose has this capability.

Transfer Process

There are two main transfer processes: sublimation and two-step. Sublimation heat press machines require the design to first be printed onto special paper. When heated, the sublimation ink on this paper turns into gas and is permanently affixed to the material. Two-step machines do not require special ink. Instead, the design is printed onto vinyl or heat transfer paper. Then this material is applied to the product through the standard heat transfer process.


Consider the temperature range and consistency when looking for the best heat press machine. Most machines can reach temperatures between 300 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and some applications require a temperature upwards of 400 degrees. If you plan on working with materials that require higher temperatures, like mugs, keep a close eye on the temperature settings.

It is also highly important that your heat transfer machine provides even heat distribution. Look for machines with heating elements less than 2 inches apart and with thick platens. Thicker platens will take longer to warm up, but they also retain heat better, ensuring a quality print.

Application process

Much like temperature, even pressure must also be applied when using a heat press. There are both manual and automatic heat presses on the market. A manual heat press relies on you to provide the force needed to open, close, and time the application. An automatic press, on the other hand, uses a built-in timer to perform this task. While automatic heat press machines are much more efficient for high-volume shops, they are also more expensive.


Do you plan on using your heat press machine at trade shows or other events? If so, you’ll want to make sure that it is easy to transport. Some presses are designed for portability and come with carrying cases. Others are large, heavy, and require a cart for transportation. Stationary machines are better at applying pressure and heat evenly, but portable machines can be great for pop-ups and for getting started without breaking the bank.


Heat press machines can vary from under $100 to more than $1,000. Depending on your volume, use cases, and desired platen size, there is a quality heat press machine for every budget. Consider which heat press technology would be most helpful in accomplishing your business goals and invest accordingly.

Final Thoughts

The best heat press for small business owners depends on your production goals, scale, and budget. If you are just looking at side hustle ideas, consider starting small with a more affordable heat press like the Cricut EasyPress 2. And if you’re already making money online with a crafting business, the efficiency of a larger heat press like the PowerPress Industrial-Quality Heat Press is probably worth the investment.

As you continue to scale your small business, don’t miss our other guides on popular business tools. We cover the best label printers for small business owners, the best DTG printers, and more!

Heat Press Machine FAQs

What brand of heat press is best?

The best brand of heat press is PowerPress. PowerPress makes a variety of machines that are well-respected in the printing industry. For a 15-inch by 15-inch heat press, our favorite is the PowerPress Industrial Sublimation Heat Press, which features a Teflon-coated heating plate and a removable silicon mat.

Are heat press prints profitable?

Heat press prints can certainly be profitable. However, the level of profitability depends on the quality of the machine, the business model, and the product type. To maximize your potential profits, purchase a high-quality digital heat press machine that can produce vivid, lasting images at scale.

What kind of heat press do you need for sublimation?

For sublimation, you need a heat press with a large, flat platen. To prevent ghosting, sublimation prints should be completed in one single pressing. The best heat press for sublimation is the Fancierstudio Digital Sublimation Heat Press, an excellent mix of affordable, durable, and industrial quality.

What should I look for when buying a heat press?

When buying a heat press, consider these factors: size, product attachments, transfer process, temperature control, application process, portability, and budget. To start, determine your project’s product type and production volume. This will help you narrow your options and find the best heat press machine for your business.

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